A Field Guide to

Adventist Living

Our loving God has given us a framework to prepare us to be ready for His soon return and to help others prepare.

“By the mighty cleaver of truth, the messages of the first, second, and third angels, He has separated them from the churches and from the world to bring them into a sacred nearness to Himself.”

Testimonies for the Church, vol. 5 (5T 455.2)

The first angel’s message calls for spreading the Good News about the Love of God and showing our love for our Creator by returning to true worship as specified in the Bible.

God's desire for man

Free will

Law of Love

Problem of Sin

Plan of Redemption

Accepting the Good News






Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions which are important to understand relating to how we spend our time.

What is our Identity?


Christ-like Characters

Knowing God

Power of Prayer