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After humans dispursed all over the world many unique cuisines and flavors were formed.

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Recent Recipes

Cashew Cheese
Cheese can be healthy . . . when it’s plant-based! Much higher in nutriment than your average block of dairy cheese, this creamy blend is perfect on just about anything.
Home-made Salsa Anyone?
Organic roasted tomatoes? In salsa? Their deep, savory flavor provides a rich base to support the robust freshness of the onion, garlic, and peppers. Yes! In salsa!
“Curried” Lentil Stew!
A Lentil Stew recipe that you won’t have to sell your birthright for! The gentle flavor of the coconut perfectly complements the robust herbal blend of seasoned vegetables.
Pumpkin Soup
This soup is super! The combination of flavors with pumpkin and coconut milk is delish!
Banana Pancakes
A simple and sweet breakfast dish to eat
Garlic Spread, for some Garlic Bread!
Creamy, melty, and perfectly seasoned in all the right places... it's the most well-adapted companion for any slice of bread! Whip it, spread it, enjoy it. Yes, it's that easy!
Jamaican Patty (crust & filling)!
Flaky Jamaican Patties!!
Strawberry Sauce
Just as high in Vitamin C as it is sweet, this versatile fruit sauce is a delicious and healthy topping for waffles or pancakes; save the leftovers (if there are any) for marmalade!
Carob Frosting
A delicious frosting to complement your Carob Cake! Silky smooth, mildly sweet, and teeming with loads of minerals, this humble treat gives more than what you bargained for.


agave all-purpose flour almond milk almonds apple juice apple juice concentrate applesauce arrowroot arrowroot powder avocado avocado oil baking powder banana basil bean sprouts bell pepper Better than Bouillon Better Than Milk Bill's best curry powder black beans blackstrap molasses blueberries Bragg's Liquid Aminos breadcrumbs breadcrumbs whole broccoli brown rice brown sugar butter can of chickpea can pineapples cane crystal cane sugar cardamom cardamon cardamon ground carob carob chips carob powder carrot carrots cashew cashew cheese cashews cauliflower cayenne powder celery celery salt cherry tomatoes chicken-style bouillon chicken style seasoning chives chopped onions chopped toasted walnuts coconut coconut cream coconut creamer coconut evaporated milk coconut milk coconut oil coconut sugar cold coconut oil cold water coriander coriander ground corn kernels cornmeal cracked wheat cumin cups tomato sauce curry seasoning daiya cheddar cheese daiya mozzarella cheese daiya mozzerella cheese dates Delight Soy nuggets diaya shredded pepper jack cheese dill seed dry yeast earth balance butter earth balance cold butter Earth butter egg-replacer Ener-G baking powder evaporated cane juice extra virgin olive oil fennel seeds flavoring flax flax seed gel flax seed oil flaxseed meal flaxseeds flaxseeds ground fresh blue berries fresh spinach fusilli pasta garlic garlic-bulb garlic clove garlic crushed garlic powder garlic salt ginger ginger powder grain granola grape-seed oil grape tomatoes 30 oz green onions green peppers ground cardamom ground cardamon ground cloves ground coriander honey instant yeast or active dry yeast Italian seasoning kale Ketchup lemon lemon juice lemon zest lentils lentils cooked lime juice lime zest macaroni (dry) maple syrup marjoram mayonnaise milk millet molasses mori nu tofu Nacho "Cheese" Dip no chicken base better than bouillon non chicken bouillon non-dairy margarine non-dairy yogurt nut milk nutritional yeast flakes nuts oat bran oat flour oats oil oil light, natural olive oil olives
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