agave Recipes

Baked Ziti
A delicious savory pasta dish with garden fresh delights!
Cashew Milk
In granola, try this delicious and creamy delight. A healthy nut milk that does your body... right!
Eden Way Sweet Potato Pie
A lovely pie for you and your family to try! This treat pairs nicely with coconut whip cream or even plant-based ice-cream.
Tofu Mayo
A dressing, a topping, or a versatile dip - try this Tofu Mayo on spring salad or some chips.
Coconut-Oat Waffles
These regal waffles make you glad to be a part of the Royal Priesthood. Heart-healthy, protein-packed, omega-3 fortified... all the sons and daughters of God will shout for joy!
Strawberry-Banana Smoothie
So simple, and yet so absolutely delicious! This quick fix, loaded with Potassium and Vitamin C, makes a perfect fill-in for a light breakfast - or just enjoy it for dessert!
This healthy alternative to store-bought varieties is not just quick and easy to make, but is far more superior in taste too! An excellent topping for any of our savory dishes.