honey Recipes

Whole Wheat Bread
Whole Wheat Bread!
Carrot Salad
A sweet salad to try!
Nature’s Flu Shot
Have you been told? There is a natural way to fight the cold! Taste and See!
Garlic Knots
This is knot your ordinary garlic roll! Taste and see something better!
Honey “Dijon” Dip
Lovely dip for veggies; or use as a spread for sandwiches!
Golden Sesame Burger Buns
These sesame burger buns will come forth as gold! Treasure the taste with a nice plant-based burger.
Graham Crackers
A sweet treat that is delicious, in the form of a cracker or even the crust of a cheesecake pie!
“Thousand Island” Dressing II
If you liked our heavenly "Thousand Island Dressing I" recipe, you'll really appreciate this simpler alternative with its strong tomato base and zesty lemon accent.
Dairy-free and delicious, this Italian inspired cuisine is a perfect main dish for your next Sabbath menu!
Tomato Sauce
A mildly sweet and perfectly seasoned sauce to pair with the family's favorite pasta dish. Spaghetti will never be the same...
Strawberry Sauce
Just as high in Vitamin C as it is sweet, this versatile fruit sauce is a delicious and healthy topping for waffles or pancakes; save the leftovers (if there are any) for marmalade!
Herb & Garlic Pizza
Definitely not your ordinary pizza! An herbed, deep-dish crust lends a depth of taste that is complimented by an inviting, colorful blend of toppings. With or without cheese, it's delicious!
Caramel Sauce – A Cheesecake Must!
Drizzled, drazzled, dribbled, drabbled... however you do it, you're bound to love it. Three simple ingredients; silky, creamy, sweet - united to form the perfect cheesecake treat!
April’s Recipe of The Month!
This sensationally silky dipping sauce is so good, it became the featured recipe in our April 2015 issue of "The Sentinel of Light" - present truth newsletter!
A Modest Salad Dressing
French Dressing
The French would say, "Oui!" to this well-prepared dressing! The bold, robust flavors are so arranged to satisfy the high standards set by the liveliest of salads! Bon appétit!