oil Recipes

Whole Wheat Bread
Whole Wheat Bread!
Barbecue Sauce
BBQ sauce the more excellent way!
French Toast
Yummy french toast served with sweet and nutty drizzles!
Frosted Carob Cupcakes
An individual-sized cake, moist and fresh from the oven! Frosted with a creamy icing that melts in your mouth! Tis so sweet!
Golden Sesame Burger Buns
These sesame burger buns will come forth as gold! Treasure the taste with a nice plant-based burger.
Lentil Loaf
This savory loaf has just the right combination of textures and mild flavor to easily replace a traditional family staple; with much more protein packed in every bite, it's bound to be a favorite!
Country Style Gravy
Add this creamy, savory gravy on top of your next meal; you'll be glad you did! The wealth found in its nutritional value is correspondent with the richness of its taste.
Basic Loaf Recipe
Left-overs never tasted so good! Try topping it with our Country Style Gravy. You can't go wrong with this masterful combination - your body will thank you!
Classic Waffles
Don't let the cook time deter you! These waffles are great served with maple syrup, non-dairy whipped cream, and fresh fruits... and well-worth the wait!