all-purpose flour Recipes

Carrot Cake
An eye-opening cake to make!
Pop Tarts
You'll want to pop these tarts into your mouth! They are berry good!
Garlic Knots
This is knot your ordinary garlic roll! Taste and see something better!
Blueberry Cobbler
Blueberry sweetness with a buttery crumble on top!
Lemon Pound Cake
A delightful lemon cake with a sweet glaze!
Jamaican Patty (crust & filling)!
Flaky Jamaican Patties!!
Simple Shortbread Cookies
Simple. Short. & Sweet.
Carob Chip Cupcakes
Soft and fluffy cupcakes with carob chips!
You can fill these up with fresh veggies, a creamy sauce, beans, rice, or tofu! The possibilities are vast. Now that's a wrap!
Lemon Sandwich Cookies
Soft and chewy cookie sandwiches with a sweet and creamy frosting!
Golden Sesame Burger Buns
These sesame burger buns will come forth as gold! Treasure the taste with a nice plant-based burger.
Graham Crackers
A sweet treat that is delicious, in the form of a cracker or even the crust of a cheesecake pie!