Category: Breakfast | Dinner Course: Entrée Cuisine: Mexican

You can fill these up with fresh veggies, a creamy sauce, beans, rice, or tofu! The possibilities are vast. Now that's a wrap!



5min 20min 20min

  1. In a bowl mix flour, baking powder, and salt.
  2. Add in shortening (or cut it in with your hands) until it's evenly mixed with the other ingredients.
  3. Add in water a little at time (using gloves if the dough is too hot). You may not need all the water depending on the altitude of where you are and season.
  4. If it seems too dry, add more water. Just play with the dough and knead it into a big fluffy ball.
  5. If there are any dry pieces of flour at the bottom of your bowl, you can toss those out.
  6. Once you've kneaded your dough, set aside.
  7. Oil a bowl and roll tortilla dough in the oiled bowl.
  8. Lightly oil a section of the counter. Place the dough on the oiled counter space and cover it with the bowl. Allow it to rest for at least 20 minutes. The more it rests, the softer and fluffier the tortillas are.
  9. After dough rests, heat up electric tortilla press.
  10. Uncover your dough and knead it a bit, making sure it isn't too sticky or dry.
  11. Portion out your dough into 16 balls or so. Don't make them too small, they need to be able to maintain some fluffy thickness.
  12. Once your dough balls are ready, place them on a floured work surface.
  13. Grab one dough ball, pull the sides of the ball back into itself.
  14. Place dough ball in the center of the hot tortilla press and press down. Lift press up and flip tortilla and press down again. When both sides are slightly brown they are ready. Another indication of readiness is when you see that is makes bubbles.
  15. *If you don't have a electric tortilla press, a griddle or comal would work. You would just need to use a rolling pin to roll out the balls.
  16. Eat and Enjoy - to the Glory of God! (1 Corinthians 10:31)


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