egg-replacer Recipes

Millet Patties
Savory patties made of millet, to cook up in the dinner skillet!
Vanilla Wafers
Great by itself, or even better in some banana pudding!
Carrot Cake
An eye-opening cake to make!
Jamaican Patty (crust & filling)!
Flaky Jamaican Patties!!
Carob Chip Cupcakes
Soft and fluffy cupcakes with carob chips!
Lemon Sandwich Cookies
Soft and chewy cookie sandwiches with a sweet and creamy frosting!
Frosted Carob Cupcakes
An individual-sized cake, moist and fresh from the oven! Frosted with a creamy icing that melts in your mouth! Tis so sweet!
Golden Sesame Burger Buns
These sesame burger buns will come forth as gold! Treasure the taste with a nice plant-based burger.
Eden Way Sweet Potato Pie
A lovely pie for you and your family to try! This treat pairs nicely with coconut whip cream or even plant-based ice-cream.
Coconut-Kiwi Cake
Packed with more Vitamin C than any orange – the kiwi may be small, but their flavor and health benefits speak for itself. Add some fresh kiwi on top, and you'll have a "super-fruit" dessert!