vanilla Recipes

Vanilla Wafers
Great by itself, or even better in some banana pudding!
Roma & Walnut Bread
A lovely bread for your table spread!
Lemon Pound Cake
A delightful lemon cake with a sweet glaze!
French Toast
Yummy french toast served with sweet and nutty drizzles!
Carob Chip Cupcakes
Soft and fluffy cupcakes with carob chips!
Lemon Sandwich Cookies
Soft and chewy cookie sandwiches with a sweet and creamy frosting!
Frosted Carob Cupcakes
An individual-sized cake, moist and fresh from the oven! Frosted with a creamy icing that melts in your mouth! Tis so sweet!
Cashew Milk
In granola, try this delicious and creamy delight. A healthy nut milk that does your body... right!
Eden Way Sweet Potato Pie
A lovely pie for you and your family to try! This treat pairs nicely with coconut whip cream or even plant-based ice-cream.
Oatmeal Bake
A hearty breakfast full of essential vitamins and minerals. This healthful treat is also delicious to eat!
Cashew Oatmeal Waffles
If you're looking for a waffle that's creamy, nutty, and full of protein... your search ends here. Its few ingredients make the batter easy to make in under 5 minutes and wonderful to taste!
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
This traditional dessert turned dairy-free is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Serve for breakfast and enjoy with the entire family alongside other tasty fruits like strawberries and kiwis!
Strawberry Sauce
Just as high in Vitamin C as it is sweet, this versatile fruit sauce is a delicious and healthy topping for waffles or pancakes; save the leftovers (if there are any) for marmalade!
Yummy Carob Brownies!
Dark, rich, gooey goodness, that's easy to make and quick to bake. What more can you ask for with these brownies? Try one and see for yourself. They're yummy, nutritious, and delicious!
Cornmeal Porridge
Packed with a plethora of nutriment, this creamy golden cornmeal goodness is just what you need to fuel and warm you up on a cold winter morning or maybe a chilly afternoon!
Coconut-Oat Waffles
These regal waffles make you glad to be a part of the Royal Priesthood. Heart-healthy, protein-packed, omega-3 fortified... all the sons and daughters of God will shout for joy!
Soy Whipped Cream
This light treat doesn’t just look (and taste) good with fruit... try some on your pancakes and waffles too! Then come back and share other ways you've come to enjoy it!
Carob Frosting
A delicious frosting to complement your Carob Cake! Silky smooth, mildly sweet, and teeming with loads of minerals, this humble treat gives more than what you bargained for.
Classic Waffles
Don't let the cook time deter you! These waffles are great served with maple syrup, non-dairy whipped cream, and fresh fruits... and well-worth the wait!
Jewel’s Cookies
Fortified with loads of vitamins and minerals, with the almonds as the backbone of the batter; these little gems have earned the right to be hailed as both healthy and delicious!